Thursday, December 9, 2010

Gray Eats!

Soon after Gray turned 4 months old, Artie and I decided to let Grayson eat something solid.  We did our research and consulted our physician about which food was best to start with.  We had decided against starting with rice cereal instead we choose bananas.  He loved them!

Not sure what the heck to do

 What in the world was that Mom? 

Try again

I might have the hang of it

Hey where did that spoon thing go?

Sweet messy face

 I like this stuff! 


Well if you are not going to give me anymore I will just eat this! 

He has now had carrots as well and is doing great.  It is so fun to watch him eat!  He gets so excited and happy about the food.  

I hope you have a had a great week!  I am trying to get ready for The Nester's and Kelly's Christmas Tour on Monday.  I am so excited!  


RELH said...

What a cutie! I hope that his feedings are going well.

I can't wait until we give Baby C her next food!

Membership Required said...

what a cutie. Next food go with avacado. plus my advice stick with veggies first before fruit....everyone loves sweet fruits but when they learn to love veggies first that is a life keeper. Just my 2 pennies.
I made my own baby food and used this website. It rocks.

Nancy said...

SO sweet! I agree with the comment above mine! Avacado will help a lot especially if he gets constipated! (maybe TMI for a blog comment! HA!)
He is precious! Merry Christmas!