Friday, December 3, 2010

The Dog

*Warning- this post contains discussion of my dogs digestive system (if you catch my drift)

Oh the dog.  He is the kind of dog that needs constant supervision.

Last night I was busy doing things around the house waiting on Artie to get home from work.  I had been hearing noises in the kitchen but did not think one thing of it.  We have papers on the table (this is where things pile up in our house) and thought the kitty had jumped up there, thus the noise.  For my sake, it did sound like paper rustling.  I was busy and forgot all about it.  A few hours later I went in to unload the dish washer and found it.  Artie had bought a loaf of bread for his lunches and it was no where to be found.  Except for the plastic remnants of the bag that contained it.


The darn thing had not even been opened.  His belly must have been hurting afterwards because the smell that came from the dog's behind was lethal.  Poor Jack kept having to go outside all night long.  At first we thought he acted alone- I am now believing that he had a cohort in crime considering the smell that is also coming from the poodle.

I think this dog was a goat in another life.  Especially after the unfortunate incident with a baby wipe that ended with me having to assist him in using the restroom.  It was awful.  

Please tell me these things happen with your dogs?

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Dave & Bobbi said...

Yes! My dog ate some of my scrunchies. They were, "stuck" and I had to unwillingly "assist him". Also, our Great Dane ate a turkey bag and it made him super sick. He tried throwing it up-- but he had to be helped too. Gross! But you're not alone!