Monday, March 29, 2010


This time worse...

Saturday night I went to bed feeling a little puny and had heart burn really bad so I took some pepto and tried to go to sleep.  It was about midnight when Artie got up, said he did not feel that well and headed to the powder room.  I said "Uh-Oh, neither do I"  The second I got it came.  It was an awful night!  We are not sure if it was food poisoning (because it happened to both of us at the same time) or a stomach virus.  We were both so sick that Artie retreated to the basement so we would not have to hear each other and both have quick access to a bathroom.  Man we are glad it is over now but it was rough!  So Artie stayed home today to make sure he was feeling 100% before going back to work.

I am so sad because of the illness I missed Palm Sunday at church!  I love it because it kicks off Holy Week and we had a violinist come to accompany the choir.  At practice on Wednesday it sounded beautiful and I am sure it was perfect on Sunday.  Speaking of Easter...I have not found my Easter dress yet.   I really need to go find something!  Eeek.  With all the events at church this week I will not have time later in the week to look.  What are you wearing for Easter?

I hope everyone has a great week!


Faith said...

Sorry y'all have had such a rough time, but so thankful you are on the mend!

Have a great day today!!

Tracy said...

I hope everyone in your family is all better now! I do love Easter week! I am always very contemplative during this week, thinking of Jesus and what He did for me! And on Good Friday, I am always just sad. Thank you Lord Jesus for saving a wretch like me!

Membership Required said...

Oh. I hope you feel better soon. Undercover makes me cry too. Love the idea of that show.
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