Monday, March 15, 2010

A random post

Man, each week seems to be busier than the last!  This week was church, baton, dance, baton, church, FIND OUT THE GENDER, work, and the gender reveal party.  I can not believe that we will know our little precious baby is this week.  We have been counting it down...everyday I wake up and Artie has sent me a text "10 more days...5 more days...".  It is such a great way to wake up and it also reminds me how much I have to be thankful for.  

I know a lot of people think a gender reveal party is silly but, for me, I was not able to tell my family in a special way about the baby.  So this will be special for us.  

I am so excited about my new spring wreath!! 

It was super easy too!  Can you guess what it is made out of?  Cupcake liners! 
I just took a plain styrofoam wreath and wrapped it with plain pink ribbon.  Next I took each liner, gathered it a bit at the bottom and hot glued it down on the wreath.  I like this one...but I think I am going to make another one using green ribbon and white cupcake liners.  My wreath was 18 in and took about 150 liners.  

Every day, Suzan and I get to enjoy the mayor of Jonesborough stoping by The Christmas Shop to grab some treats! 

Well at least SHE thinks she is the mayor.  Her owner works in the shop next door and she will run over everyday to see if we have some treats for her.  We really enjoy getting to love on her!  
Next Sunday I will have a post about the baby and let everyone know what this little blessing is!  I would have it ready soon but the reveal party is on Saturday and Sunday I am revealing it to the majorettes.  I do not want to spoil the surprise!

I am almost caught up on all the baby sizes and will back post them all at once!  WAHOO! 

I think this is it for the random post!  I hope everyone has a great week!!


Leigh said...

YAY for finding out the gender! That is super exciting!

And the wreath is adorable!!!

Kaz and Amy said...

So exciting about the gender! What are you hoping for?
The wreath looks fabulous! I love it! Hope you have a great Tuesday!

Miranda Tucci said...

This is a very exciting week! YAY!

Your wreath is absolutely adorable! You're so creative!!!

Faith said...

That wreath is so cute! I want to see another one if you make it.

I love that y'all are doing a gender reveal party!!! Yay, I'm so excited to find out and can't wait until you post the big news!!!

Membership Required said...

Gender party! I think that is a GRAND idea. I cant wait to know what you are EXPECTING!!! Love the wreath too!