Sunday, March 21, 2010

It's a...


Warning- This post is LONG!

Shew!  I have been terrible about keeping the secret.  Haha.  I had spilled the beans only after 45 minutes of knowing.  By the time Saturday rolled around I had accidentally told 3 people!

I can not tell you how wonderful it was to see that baby.  The doctor said everything is perfect and is right on schedule.  He has the sweetest little face (from what I could tell) and a little buddha belly!

Here we are about to go into the ultra sound! 

The birth mother did not want to know what the sex was.  So during the ultra sound the doctor had her turn her head and said she would tell us in the hall what the baby was.  The doctor did the scan in the "area" and printed the pictures.  I knew the second it popped up on the screen that it was all boy. Once the whole ultra sound was done, the doc handed us the pictures, and we went into the hall.  Artie asks me quietly what I thought it and I just laughed!  I pulled out the ultra sound and showed him the evidence and he said "oh..well yeah I guess so" was very obvious!

Saturday evening we had some close friends and family come to a gender reveal party at my MIL's house.  It was so great getting together with everyone, there were almost 30 people there!  We could not believe it.  It was very casual with bbq and all the fixins.  I know Artie and I had a great time and feel so very blessed to have so much love and support.  To reveal the big secret I baked cupcakes with blue gumballs inside.  It was so funny to see their reaction to the news...even though most everyone thought it was boy.  Here are some pictures from the party!

Artie and I 

I made a little candy display and banner

Close up of the table with all the goodies

The proud momma

Ashley, her niece Devyn and I 

Traditional pic of Austin and I 

Rebecca, Tyler, Baby Callie and Jana

I have to say that Tyler is a hoot! He came in and saw the cupcakes and had to have one.  He kept saying he wanted to "mell" (smell) them. HA!   I must admit that I HATE to unwrap presents in front of people...I feel all awkward and weird. For this reason I had specifically told everyone "NO PRESENTS!!".  I was just happy for them to come celebrate with us.  So I had Tyler help me so it would take the attention off of me.  He was so excited about each one...just look at that face!

He is such a mess!  Here he is growling at the camera.  Look at my face in the background HA!

Man what a great weekend.

I am so proud to be adopting a son.  Artie and I have been finalizing a name and thinking about the nursery all weekend.  It is hard to believe he will be here in 4 1/2 months.  I know I say this every post but I feel so blessed.  I am so excited to share this journey with all of you!


Miranda Tucci said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I have to tell you, boys are SO MUCH FUN! :-) Your party display is adorable .. such a cute idea!!

Faith said...

Love, love, love these pics!!! Y'all are just glowing and I loved that we were able to share in your special day - thanks for posting! Sooooo excited for you guys!!!!

Membership Required said...

What a blessed day!!! Your bundle of boy will be in your arms soon!

Amber Marie said...

Oh Heather I am so so excited for you!

Tracy said...

Congratulations! We did foster care for awhile and had one boy. He was 18 months old and we had such a blast with him! Boys are so fun!