Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Chicken Head

The year was 2004 and I was meeting Artie at his house for our very first date.  I knew that he had a dog and I wanted to get in good and bring Kasey (his dog) a present.  (I was working at PetSmart at the time which is where we "re-met")  I picked out a Greenie and a latex chicken to take.  She LOVED them!  In fact, we have a picture on our dresser right now of her eating that Greenie.  Well that poor chicken was loved as well.  A little too much.  It was ripped apart limb for limb until all that was left was the head.  

Since the chicken was as big as the poodle, he never wanted to play with it.  Once it became just a head, he was ALL OVER IT.  He carried it around for years.  Sometimes the chicken head would go missing for months...and then it would pop out of hiding.  

Artie and I move and thought the chicken head was long gone and then BAM, the poodle pulled it out from hiding.  

We move again and the chicken head disappeared again.  

Fast forward to last weekend. 

Artie and I sold our old washer and dryer because we bought new ones last fall.  He was delivering it to the family and there was the chicken head, under the washer.  The poodle has never been so happy!  


Membership Required said...

I was on pins and needles thinking this was the first entry to the baby story but than realized it was not. however I lmao with the chicken. Oh there it is again. Too funny. I was looking at your picture and noticed your ring. I think our rings might be similar. Means our men have great taste. Mine is an oval diamond (my MIL's stone) set with diamonds on the band on both sides. Than the band is set with diamonds. I puffed up your picture and yep they look so much a like at least from that angle. Any how. CUTE story. Did you read the post over at it's almost naptime about the family? Tissues needed on that one. ML

Audra said...

Hahahahaha! The chicken head! At our house it's the dead hedgehog. We love those because they honk instead of squeak, but the dogs do not care for it. They tote that thing everywhere. Inside, outside, under the bed... it turns up in some weird places!