Sunday, December 20, 2009

Let it SNOW!!!

Well the weather man actually got it right this time! We have been buried under 8 or so inches of snow. It turned out to be a big mess for everyone...we could not even open the shop on Saturday. Although it really was beautiful. I just wish it would not mess up the roads, there were a lot of really bad wrecks. Living in the boonies means your roads do not get wait for the snow to melt. What is even more scary than the roads being bad, is most people lost power for a few days. It hurts my heart to know what people had to do to keep warm. It seems like all the worry melts away when I see images like this though.

So beautiful.

Artie and I took the time we were stuck in the house (with no tv!) to give our closets a major overhaul! I love to is like a breath of fresh air.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Advent season.

O Come O Come Emmanuel!


Tina Marie said...

Thanks for checking out the blog today!! I usually post about once a week or more, but things have been a bit chaotic with the holidays and all three boys getting mono. UGH! If you haven't checked out my post about My Hysterical Journey, you might find it interesting. I think I published it back in July.

Amber Schmidt said...

8 inches! I would love to have 8 inches... we got a measly 2.5 here and it was barely enough to play in! Congrats on getting the closets cleaned!