Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The Cat Tree

Every year, a customer at The Christmas Shop has Suzan and I come out to decorate their tree. Let me tell you about this tree! It is a 9 and a half foot tree all decorated in cat ornaments. Twelve hundred of them to be exact! One by one Suzan and I put every single ornament up. We love visiting with this family because they know where each and every ornament came from and each ornament has a story. They are so kind and always fix a yummy lunch for Suzan and I. Let me tell you that their love of cats does not stop at their Christmas tree. Their whole house is decorated all in cats. I know you are probably thinking CATS? But I am here to tell you that it is so lovely. They also have 2 real kitties that are BEAUTIFUL!

Here is the whole tree
The only mouse on the tree is on the topper..look closely.
This is Martha
This is Imogene

We had such a great time and will look forward to decorating next year!

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