Saturday, December 26, 2009

New Camera!

My husband is so wonderful! This year for Christmas he bought me a new camera! I am so excited about it. I really take a lot of photographs between the shop and the girls. I needed something really versatile. He did good too...he bought a Canon 50d. I am learning new things every minute. Now if I could only photograph like Amber (you will have to teach me some basics!) Audra..I can't wait to see more pics! (Her husband bought her a camera too!) So here are a few pictures from Christmas.

(They are all of my handsome husband!)

I have decided boys love ALL things that include big hunks of meat and fire. Here is proof...all too happy to make the smoked turkey!

Preparing the smoker

Injecting the turkey..the needle on that thing makes me a little weak in the knees

The fire

The turkey is ready!

Looks delicious dear!

My (almost) clean plate...not a fan of celery
It was a wonderful Christmas! I hope your was Merry and Bright!


Membership Required said...

so jealous of your new camera. I so want a Rebel! Happy photo taking!!!

Amber Schmidt said...

50D!!! Good choice! You will love it! If you are every in KY stop by and I will show you how to stretch your legs on it!