Tuesday, June 2, 2009

No news

Life is starting to get hectic again. Which I must admit is a nice way to escape from my own thoughts. We had a meeting with our pastor and asked and prayed for some guidance. Still no answers yet, trying to take it one day at a time and seeing what God has planned. This week the band started summer practices. I am very excited because it gives me an outlet to do what I love. This week I went to a water park in Jonesborough (who knew?) with a good friend. I really had a great time floating around in the lazy river! I learned that 30 SPF sunscreen is not enough...and have really horrible tan lines now. Still in constant prayer for clarity and peace. Trying to accept the things I can not change. Which is hard...I like to be in control.

I am trying.


No seriously.

Pretty busy week planned...VBS starts next week and I am in charge of music. I have a lot to live up to. My room last year was the most awesome room ever! (remember?) This year I am having a hard time getting into decorating for it. I will post some pics when I get it put together. Lots of band and work in there too (and maybe a little running on the elliptical..well maybe not). So for now I ask for a small prayer if you get the chance. I know there are a lot of other people struggling with worse things...I know. I am just asking for a small prayer...a prayer for answers and a prayer for peace.

PS...this time last year I was here


Audra said...

I thought about that this morning too! I miss the Bahamas!

Amber Schmidt said...

I know what you mean about control. Its hard. I have to pray a LOT to keep my "control" under control! LOL

Audra said...

P.S. - Your blog is one year old! Happy Blogiversary!