Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy Birthday To ME!!!!

Today I turned 27 years old! Can you believe it? I can't. What's so funny, I did not feel anything until my husband pulled out the candles...27 of them. Dang that's a lot of candles. I had a great birthday with many blessings! I must say the BEST funniest gift I received was a box of meat from my husband! This morning the UPS man sat a Styrofoam cooler on our porch and in it was steaks!!! Don't tell me that my husband doesn't know the way to a woman's heart! It will definitely go down in history as the most interesting gift I ever received. Thanks dear!

I went into work for a half day today to be surprised by presents and cake there! The other owner and the lady that works at the shop next door organized it! What a great day! We received new ribbon at the store yesterday and so I spent the day making new bows for trees! (Wow that's a lot of explanation points)

After work Artie and I met my friends and family at Chile's for dinner. Yummmmm! And more cake and presents! Here are the pictures from this evening. It was a blast!

Picture of our table!

Opening a card

My charms!!
Funny card

Yes, my husband bought me an elliptical

YUUMMMMMY CAKE!!! (note the number of candles has been reduced due to fire hazard)
Best husband ever!

My church brothers!

What a great day!


Stephanie said...

You look so pretty!

Happy 27th birthday!

Amber Marie said...

You are so beautiful! I must say that I am super jealous you got an eliptical! :) Happy Late Birthday!