Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This blog is like weekly therapy. Pretty rough week. The doctor called with some test results and we found out that we will not be able to have a baby of own. Artie and I talked about it last night and we have decided to stop all fertility testing. We are giving it to God. It is a bit hard to swallow right now. On one hand I am relieved to finally have an answer. On the other I am devastated. I just keep telling myself that my plan B is His plan A. I just need to give myself a few more days to believe it. We have not told our family. I am not sure how you go about that or that I can say it without falling apart.
We are leaving for the beach tomorrow which will be a much needed break from all of this. Once we get back we are going to officially start the adoption process. I have looked up a few lawyers to get us started. Artie and I are ready to be parents. If anyone has any advice about domestic adoption or websites we can visit to help us better prepare I would love the input.


Audra said...

It's okay Heather. Now you can tell your future children you hand picked them. :) There is a couple here that is adopting a domestic sibling group. They may be able to give you some info and support along the way. They are awesome, Christian people that are also infertile. I'll suggest her as a friend on Facebook. Her blog is Waxing Mundane on my blog roll. Love you!

Amber Marie said...

Love you Heather! It all happens for a reason...only he knows why.

I am so excited Heather, you should adopt twins! How cool would that be?

P.S. I'm rooting for a girl!