Saturday, June 6, 2009


It is a sad day in the Allen home. I am sorry to announce that Jackson's baby has died. He has had this one particular baby since he was tiny. Every morning he would grab it and carry it around in his mouth all day. No matter where Jack went, baby went. Jackson must have been distracted and left his baby outside. This afternoon at 12:45pm, Jackson's baby was run over by the lawn mower and shred into a million pieces. Here is a photo of Jackson with his baby. I would show a picture of the after...but it is just too gruesome. :)


dsanders said...

Tell Jackson that Mamaw and Papaw are sorry about baby.

Audra said...

I got really scared when I saw the RIP and picture of Jackson, then I LOLed for about five minutes.

Amber Schmidt said...

awwww... baby! Our blue heeler had her own baby (a green dinosaur that she promptly ripped the stuffing out of the first day) her baby also met an untimely death... I feel your pain. LOL