Sunday, June 14, 2009

The hole

This afternoon my husband told me that he thinks we have something living under the house. He took me around to the side of the house and pointed out a hole dug in the dirt that was right next the house. Artie said it was there the other day but he had filled it in. The hole he showed me today was definitely not filled in. I went out to take a picture of the hole and all of a sudden something scurried away and down the hole. I did not get a good look at it but I have a feeling it is a ground hog. Here are the pictures of the hole! I will let you know if I find out what is taking up residence under our home.

This is the hole looking down from the porch. The hole is behind the bush closest to the house.
The brown dirt is what was dug recently.

The hole is right behind the bush .
This is looking straight at it.
Oh...and the dirt again

Does anyone know what groundhogs eat?

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