Monday, December 29, 2008

One year ago today!

One year ago today Artie and I were married. I can not believe it had been a whole year. A lot has happened. I can not believe we have survived our 1st year. Here is our year in review...

1. Artie finds out he got a new job in East TN on our wedding day.

2. We learn we have to move in 3 weeks. (1 of those weeks was our honeymoon, we had to find a place to live, we had to pack and move 5 hours away, and get our house on the market)

3. Artie's dad passes away suddenly the Thursday after we return from our honeymoon.

4. Artie leaves for East TN to start his new job...the week after his dad passes away.

5. WE MOVE to East TN!!!!

6. My Mammaw dies (almost exactly 3 months after the wedding)

7. We sell our house in Murfreesboro

8. Artie and I buy a house.

9. I go on a cruise.

10. WE MOVE!!! (again)

11. Artie gets a job promotion!

12. I start working with the Greeneville Majorettes.

13. I get a job at the Christmas Shop

14. We buy The Christmas Shop

Hmmm....we have been very busy. I hope this year is a bit more quiet.

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