Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Christmas!

Artie and I decided to host our family christmas this year. We worked our little booties off to make the house crystal clean...I mean it took us no time to clean because my house is perfect all the time. :)
My parents drove in on Christmas Eve and we all went to our midnight church service. It was so beautiful and moving. On Christmas morning we all woke up and opened presents and I made the most YUMMY french toast ever!!! After that Artie and I went in food prep mode...haha. Artie and I made all kinds of yummy food for our family. Artie's family came at about 2 and we ate like little piggies. Afterwards we all opened presents and had dessert. Once everyone left Artie and I crashed into the bed at 6pm!! I do not know how my grandmother did it all of those years. We were pooped. Artie and I had a wonderful are some photos from that day!

Very early on Christmas morning!

All the yummy food!

Opening presents

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