Wednesday, August 7, 2013

The details

Thank you so much for all the love yesterday!  We could not be more excited.

First and foremost.  We are still praying for all of those waiting for their miracle. It is a very surreal situation to wake up one day and be on the other side of infertility.  I have been praying everyday for the people I know who are still struggling with this.  I know how I reacted to pregnancy announcements in the past... not very gracefully.

The details:

I am 14 weeks along and due February 3.

I am sick!  Haha.  I mean seriously.  I prayed to God that I would puke everyday if it meant that I could be pregnant.  He listened... The weirdest things make me sick.  The sound of a soda can opening and the feel of wet dishes (clean or dirty) sends me running to toilet.

My energy is starting to come back which has been nice! Artie laughed at me because for a few weeks I would just sleep all the time.  Ten hours at night was not enough!

We are dealing with a small problem with my u.terus but as of now everything looks ok.  Nothing to be super concerned with until the baby gets a little bigger.

I have gained 2 pounds which is pretty good since I am so sick.  I can still wear most of my clothes.

We will be finding out if it is a boy or girl in a few weeks and CAN NOT WAIT!

This whole thing is a crazy miracle.  I will make a whole post about how I found out and how I told Artie because it is a long story.  We are just so thankful for this sweet baby.

Thank you again for all the messages and prayers!  I will start doing pregnancy posts every week to keep you updated!

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Audra Kirkpatrick said...

I could not be happier for you!