Thursday, August 8, 2013

How we found out....

I seriously had no idea that I was pregnant and to be honest I had NO plans on testing.   Every test for 5 1/2 years has been negative.   The day before I found out, I had a promo commercial to shoot for the theater.  I was changing clothes and Artie noticed some things going on with my body.  Laughing, I told him he was silly and headed out the door (fully dressed of course).

 As I am filming, Artie keeps texting me that I should take a test. No. Life was super busy at the time and I did not have time to be sad.

The next morning, while Artie was at work, I tested.  I will never forget that moment as long as I live.  It was unsurmountable joy.  Elation.  It didn't matter to me at the moment how the pregnancy turned out because my prayer had been answered.  It was a feeling I had felt before, the day we were chosen to be Grayson's parents.  I couldn't believe it.  I was pregnant.....

This is the second after it said positive! 

Of course I wanted to call Artie right away but told myself no.  The moment was big and needed to be announced in a big way.  I also wanted to go out and get a few more tests to take because I wanted to make sure.  I only had +/- tests and felt like I needed something to say PREGNANT.

I read and re-read the box to make sure I was not crazy!

As Grayson and I are getting dressed to leave, he falls on his face.  Hard.  He stands up screaming and there is blood everywhere.  It was probably the scariest moment of his little life so far.  I cleaned up what I could of the blood and decided to head on in to the doctor.  It looked awful and I couldn't really see his teeth.  Once I got Gray in the car I called Artie to have him meet us there.  The doctor cleaned little man up and told us that he had bitten his lips pretty badly but it should be fine in a week.  (Thankfully!)  Artie noticed during the doctor visit that I was acting a little weird but I told him it was all the blood.

Grayson, of course, wanted what I had promised him before the commotion...DONUTS! (It was Friday after all) Artie took Grayson to get donuts after the doctor and I ran to the store "to pick up popsicles and soft food" for the baby.  Decoy to get more pregnancy tests!  Once everyone got home, it was time for a nap.  Artie decided to take a nap while G slept because he was exhausted...he never does this.  During nap time, I tested and re-tested!

I could not wait for Artie to wake was the longest 2 hours of my life!  I tied the tests together and put them in a bag for Artie to open.  Once he woke up I told him I had a present for him.

  When he opened it the only thing he could say is "Are you serious?"!  We cried and cried.  It was seriously a day I will never forget.


Brooke said...

Seriously gives me chills!! What an amazing answered prayer!!

Loved the video also, great putting a voice together with your pics.

So happy for your family.

Morgan Paige said...

i am SO excited for you!!!!!
this provided a solid cry this morning :)
come back & see me soon!

Kristen said...

I am obviously WAY behind on blogging, but I wanted to let you know I literally squealed out loud when I read this post! :)

SO very excited for your sweet miracle!!!!