Thursday, August 23, 2012

2 Year Photo Shoot

Have you ever been so busy that you have no time to blog? No? Oh....moving on!

The theme for Grayson's birthday party this year was "vintage picnic".  Being the ridiculous obsessive crazy person I am, Grayson's 2nd year photo shoot had to reflect that theme.  The goal was to be able to use these pictures at his party, so the had to match people!  The problem began when I could not find any suspenders for his size of person.

Does anyone know what is up with that?

Was there a major incident with suspenders that I am unaware of?  Maybe it was the wrong time of year to be looking? suspenders.

Which meant that I was going to dwell on that until it was almost too late to take pictures for his party.   On my quest to find the elusive suspenders, I spotted a girls headband bow that might work.  It was cheap and I so bought it hoping I would use it as a back up.

The day of Gray's birthday, with Artie there to help, we hauled a few props outside (bow tie included) and shot as much as a 2 year old would allow ;)  Which is 15 case you were wondering.  

So I will leave you with one million pictures of my child because he is THE most beautiful baby ever born ;)

This one is out of focus but I loved it. 
 I thought it looked like a page out the Ralph Lauren catalog. 

The 15 minutes that I did shoot went well!  I was SO thankful that Artie was there to help because little man is WILD.  He wanted to explore in the field the whole time.  I can't believe how big he looks in these!  Sweet boy is my joy!  

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