Friday, July 27, 2012

Happy Birthday Grayson!!!

Dear Grayson,
I can not believe that you are 2! You are the sweetest thing to ever come into my life.  You seriously are SWEET!  Daddy and I say (almost) every night that we do not want to put you to bed because you are just so sweet. And FUN! You seriously crack us up all day.

It is amazing how many things you are learning everyday.  If we say a word, you will say it right back as a question.  For instance- Tonight as I put you to bed the cat meowed at your door.  I told you that the kitty kitty was at the door saying goodnight.  You repeated "Door?" "Kitty kitty?" "Night night?" haha it is adorable! I call you my little parrot.  The only thing you will not say is I love you.  The one phrase you have probably heard THE MOST in your life and you will not say it!!

You love to count things but only up to 3, after you get to 3 you start over at 1 ha! You are trying to learn the alphabet but only get bits and pieces. A and B are great then it turns into mumbling until we get to T and then some more mumbling.

YOU LOVE ANIMALS.  Seriously obsessed.  You know what sound each animal makes (even a cricket). You can't name them yet but we are working on it.

You call horses "on-nays"

You still take a good nap everyday and go to bed at 8pm.  I love our little routine at bedtime-it is my favorite time of the day.  We take your milk upstairs and read as many books as you want in the rocking chair.  It is the only time of day you will snuggle!!!

You adore the movie Cars and believe that "Mayer" (Mater) is your best friend.  There is a part in the movie that the characters go tractor tipping and you insist on us rewinding it 10 times!  You have now started acting it out and falling over.  It is the most adorable thing ever!

Here are pictures from the last 12 months- It is amazing how much you have changed!  It is not until I see these pictures that I realize it  :(

                                                  August                              September         

                                                    October                           November

                                            December                               January

                                                      February                                 March

                                                     April                                       May

                                                       June                                    July

Grayson Kelly you are such a joy to our family.  I now understand unconditional love.  You truly are my sunshine!  Happy Happy Birthday sweet boy!

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