Monday, October 24, 2011

New Friends

When I started writing a blog, I never thought I would read about people I did not know in real life.  One blog that I stumbled upon was Faith's and she was (is) such an encouragement to me.  She was going through infertility and I could relate with her.  I had begun a journey that no one in my real life was walking.  I did not know a single person who was struggling to have a child and I felt alone.  Once I read her blog, I felt validated.  She was uplifting and just what I needed!  

Last week she was visiting some friends in Gatlinburg and I knew it was the perfect time to meet!  We met at this adorable restaurant in Pigeon Forge called The Partridge and Pear.  I was a little nervous but that immediately went away.  I felt like we were old friends!  We literally did not stop talking the whole time Ha!  Poor Chad!  I was so embarrassed at the table because Gray acted like a maniac the whole time...he did not act like himself AT ALL.  Isn't it like that with all children though?  Yes.  Once we were forced to finish finished with lunch we wanted to talk more!  We sat outside and just talked and talked.  Of course I had to snap a few pictures!  I really wanted to take more but Gray was not having it!  

And yes- she is as beautiful in real life as she is in pictures! 

Can I just say what a blessing she and Chad are to me?  Seeing them with Grayson solidifies what wonderful parents they will be. (Not that I had any doubt ha!)  They were so helpful at lunch trying to wrangle Gray (I promise he never acts like that!!).  

It was such a great day and I wished they lived closer.  I am so thankful for this crazy little blog world!  


Jennifer said...

I've been reading Faith's blog for a couple of years now. She is such a sweet person and FULL of faith. (her name is very fitting) I am also from TN and love reading blogs of fellow Tennesseeans. =) I'm now following your blog. Your lil' guy is so cute!

Faith said...

I had so much fun with you and Gray!!