Saturday, October 29, 2011

15 Months Old

Dear Grayson,
               You are 15 months old!   You seem more like a toddler every day and it makes me a little sad.  But just a little!  I love the little boy you are becoming.  You are so curious about everything and I LOVE watching your face when you figure something new out.

You are into everything!  If you swipe something you think you are not allowed to have- you RUN with it!  It is the cutest thing ever.  Since you have gotten taller, you can reach things more easily now.  If you can not reach them, you climb up to reach them.  (Lots of oh dear moments through out the day)

(this is the mischievous look)

You went to your first GHS game this month and LOVED IT! 

You love the spice door in the kitchen...we finally got a baby proofing thing that worked on it.  

These are all of the confiscated things haha!

Your favorite word is gog (dog) and you say this all. day. long.  When you wake up, the first thing you say is "HI GOG GOG!"- no hi momma or hi dada...

Anytime we say "AWWWW" you snuggle what ever is near.  It is adorable...but most of the time you run to find one of the gogs to snuggle haha! 

You like to take our keys and touch them to the door knob.  I think this is hilarious because I never use my keys to come in the house (i park in the garage) pick up on things very quickly.  

You love to be outside.  Everyday we walk to check the mail and you scream when we have to come inside.   

You also have stopped smiling for the camera...

You now have 7 teeth! 

You do not like toys that talk or make noise (PRAISE THE LORD!!!).  They scare you to pieces!  

You love to drink from a straw and will still only drink milk or water.  

You weigh about 29 pounds- you have a doctors appointment next week.

You still take 2 naps a day that last 1 hour each. 

You have a temper!!!  Whew weee.  I am learning to pick my battles with you...and also to hold your head if you get upset.  (you love to throw yourself backwards)  

You are positively funny...Daddy and I just laugh all the time!  

You get called a girl anytime we are out.  I told Daddy I am going to get you a shirt that says "I'm A Boy!"  I could dress you in blue head to toe and people would still call you a girl haha!  It is because you are the most beautiful child I have ever seen.  

Daddy and I are so excited about the upcoming holidays!  This year is going to be so much fun.  We love you so much.  Sometimes it is hard to believe that we get to be your parents!  A friend on facebook posted this the other day and I thought it was so true-

"Sometimes we dont get what we want, but what we get is sometimes so much better than what we ever wanted"

 I hope you always remember that.  

Love, Momma


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Heather, that is such a wonderful quote.