Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The quilt and other random things

I have been inspired to make a quilt. Well...not a real quilt with a pattern or anything, but a rag quilt! I was needing something to take to the ballgames to sit on and then to cover up with; had this brilliant idea that I would make something myself (green of course). I just wonder if I will get to use it this year?!? We have a wonderful quilt shop in Jonesborough that carries the most delicious fabrics I have ever seen. I could no sooner pick a star in the Heavens. I spent almost 2 hours in the store trying to make a decision on what fabrics to use on my quilt. The ladies there were very nice; helping me put different things together and giving me tips along the way. I went a completely different direction than I thought and can not wait to see the finished product. Wondering around that store makes me want to make a quilt in every color for every season. HA! I suppose I should finish this one before I get carried away. Who knows...I may have found my true calling...ok maybe not. I need to learn to sew a straight line first.

I have almost finished cutting all the squares (120 of them) and I am about to move onto cutting the batting (60 more squares). I choose 6 patterns for the front and 1 pattern for the back. Here is a pic of the fabric. Black with white polka dots for the back, a green/blue mosaic, green with blue Eiffel Tower toile, white with green and blue polka dots, green stripes, green with blue polka dots, and white with blue and pink peacocks. I have now made an amendment to the quilt. As I started cutting the peacock fabric, the pattern was getting lost with the size of square. I am going to the quilt shop tomorrow to pick out a different fabric and I will use this one to make a pillow...or something fabulous! Make sure to enlarge the picture so you can see the detail.

This week I have some prayer requests.

On Friday a high school football player in our area had a massive heart attack on the field and past away. Please pray that his family and friends will receive comfort after such sadness. With mixed emotions we will play this team Friday. I am really not sure how I feel about this. We want to have school spirit but respect that their team and fans will still be mourning. It is going to be a hard Friday for everyone involved.

The past 2 weeks a man has been on trial for the kidnapping, rape and murder of a Knoxville couple in 2007. I went to high school with one of the victims. This case makes me so sick to think that humans are capable of doing that to one another. This man did not work alone and there will be other trials. Please pray for the victims families as they have to relive this pain. I know that during the trial the family had to listen to the man give an account of exactly what happened. I could never imagine having to hear the way that my child was savaged and the murdered. It is sickening what happened to them. So pray for comfort for this family and that justice will be served.

This next prayer request seems frivolous when compared to the past 2. But no request is too great or too small. Artie and I will be traveling to the Bahamas in a few weeks and I am completely terrified of flying. I have been pushing it to the back of my mind but the time is upon us. Please pray for my peace as we travel and a safe return. Seems kinda silly when you consider what other people are going through. I think that's it for tonight.

Don't forget about the give away for my 100th post!!! This is 98....stay tuned!



Amber Schmidt said...

I dunno I love the toille but I think the peacock print is my fave! I will say many prayers for each request you have listed.

Audra said...

Good luck flying! Carry your Dramamine and a bunch of books!