Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Boy have I had a busy week! The 1st football game is Friday and I am so excited. But with the 1st football game comes the majorette preparations. Shew...and boy do they have a lot of things to prepare. Every hour of this week is scheduled with something. I have glued so many rhinestones that my fingers are permanently stuck together! I can not wait for the girls to debut their new beautiful costumes, they are stunning. I will have some fabulous photos this weekend to show you.

Here is a little promotion that we did for The Christmas Shop. A local news papers website has a video deal of the week and we participated. I was sick as a dog on the day we shot this so I decided not to say a lot. I sounded terrible and snotty. Haha. So here ya go!


Audra said...

Cute! And you look awesome!

Amber Schmidt said...

Ok your hair is WAY cute! You have just lit a fire under me.... mine is SO getting cut next week! I look like the shaggy D.A..... LOL