Sunday, March 15, 2009

A post from the past...

Today I was looking through pictures from college and it made me miss those majorette days. It was so fun. Band camp, midnight practice, home games, away games, inside jokes, making silly tee shirts/costumes and Contest of was some of the best years of my life. My best friends were the friends I made while twirling. Ahhh....(I promise I will not brake out into the chorus of "Memories")
This post was just about memories from the past. Here are some pictures from the majorette years...and yes, I do change my hair color as much as I change underwear.

Freshman Year

Sophmore Year

Sophmore year again at COC- yes we are dressed as construction workers

Junior Year

Senior Year


Twirl said...

Thanks for sharing these fun photos and memories, Heather. I'm always curious to hear about the many positive influences that baton twirling has added to a "grown up's" life. And thanks for lending to the public's awareness of the wonderful sport of twirling!
You have a terrific blog!

Cindy Hamilton

Tracie said...

These are so precious. I miss these days too. At least we get to go back again for Alumni Day!!! Woop, woop!