Saturday, March 14, 2009


I am in LOVE with a new vendor I found. The company is called Glitterville and it is fabulous!!!! It is actually designed in Knoxville which is even better. The styles that we ordered worked perfectly with the new monkey tree. So I had a great day on Friday redecorating the monkey tree. If you get a chance, hop over to and see some pretty amazing things. I am so very excited that we will be getting some Halloween things in soon as well!!! Here are some pics of the fun new things at the shop!

The monkey tree with the Glitterville ornaments and garland. It is the new whimsical look...with more to come!

A monkey from the collection...we have many different sizes and colors!

Glitterville balls.....fabulous!!
(pictures do not do them justice)

Fun Easter display!


Tracie said...

Cute, cute girl!! I want all of it! hehe:) I'm sure you get a lot of the items for your new house, I would!

Amber Schmidt said...

OK the glitterville could put me into some serious debt... LOVE those ornaments!