Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Cold Case

Well, well, well. I have a bone to pick with TNT. You see, we had this deal going and now it is OVER. Artie has to go into to work really early and gets up at 4am. I usually wake up with him (I'm not really sure why) and stay awake until about 6. Being up at that crazy hour, I really appreciated the fact that I did not have to watch the info-mercial (is that one word or two) on The Magic Bullet again. i say "have to" but we all know we have willingly watched it.

We had a deal that I would help improve their viewership (Audra- is this a real word?) if they would have Cold Case on at 4am. TNT played 2 episodes from 4-6 and by that time I was ready to go back to sleep. But comes on at 3am. 3AM!!! Who in their right mind wakes up to watch it at 3am. Not me. Not their loyal sometimes viewer. So this is goodbye TNT. I will no longer enjoy the flashbacks or the grateful look of the deceased when Detective Rush arrests the killer. So long dear's back to The Magic bullet.

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Audra said...

Yes, viewership is a word.

Sad about Cold Case! Maybe they'll finish up with Magic Bullet go to Shamwow next. Man, those things are awesome!