Wednesday, September 7, 2011


One of my favorite times of the day is the hour or so before Gray goes to bed.  I don't know if it is the intoxicating smell of a clean baby or the fact that in a short while I will have 5 minutes to myself but I LOVE IT! It helps that Gray is extra sweet during that time too.  Here are some before bedtime pictures of my sweet boy in his pajamas. 

Here comes trouble....

 Big Bubba carrying his toy!  
I think it is adorable when he does this!  

Thank you Lord for precious nights with this sweet boy! 


Audra Kirkpatrick said...

Mishka is naked! And Gray is adorable! You have a toddler now!

Staci said...

He is adorable! It's my favorite time of day too, for the exact same reasons!

Faith said...

He is seriously the cutest thing!!