Thursday, September 1, 2011

13 Months Old!

*Better late than never!*

This has been a busy month for you little guy!  On your 1st birthday you learned to walk and now you are practically running all over the house.  It really is the cutest little run too-you are on your tippy toes the whole time!
This was taken at the beach where you practiced your new skill! 

You took your first trip to the beach and LOVED it!  You were so adorable crawling all over the sand.

You now have more teeth!!!  The problem is that they all wanted to come in at the same time.  Not fun.  You are now the proud owner of 4 shiny top teeth! I wish I could say I have a picture of them but that would take some kind of crazy voodoo to get you to sit still long enough for that!

You still take a bottle 3 times a day.  You turned into a ferocious grizzly bear when I cut back to 2. Momma can only handle so much at one time sweet boy.  Also- I really really really love feeding you in the rocking chair and will miss it so much when there are no more bottles to be given.  So no hurry on my part.

You love to eat and let us know real quick that it is meal time.  Daddy says that your Momma is the same way but I disagree!  This month we gave you goldfish crackers for the first time and now you scream when you see the box.  I found you one day trying to dump out the box!  

You love the dogs.  You squeal with delight when you see them in the morning.  You run and chase after them.  You even try to climb on the big one.  You say "gog" all day long!  To be honest...we are not encouraging you to say "dog" because "gog" is so darn cute.

You are a ham!  We will ask you a question and instead of saying "No" you will say "Nah"!  Haha   

You love to play peek a boo and love when we jump out and scare you.  You will just cackle!

You are a bit more of a little boy and a little less of a baby. Each day gets better and better sweet boy.  


Faith said...

Look how big he is getting!! Oh, he's so cute and I love his crab onesie. Glad y'all had a great trip!

Kristen said...

I love his onesie - it's SO cute!