Saturday, June 11, 2011


Yesterday Grayson got to try out his new baby pool!  He was so cute- I am sure he was thinking the whole time "Why am I taking a bath outside now?" HA!   He kept trying to get out so the whole thing lasted 10 minutes.  I am hoping to take him to a local water park soon.  Artie and I LOVE to swim, I hope he does too!

Doesn't he look cute in his little hat? 

I am working hard on getting everything together for his first birthday!  I have the cake ordered, invitations made, and have started on several other things. July is a crazy month and I want to be PREPARED!  Plus- I don't want to spend his birthday week stressed out about it.  That is a time to celebrate!  Let's hope I can keep on the ball-I am so excited to show you everything!!  

I hope you have a great weekend!  I am off to rehearsal....oh guess what?!?  Audra is back in the country for a visit and I get to see her next weekend!!  Best of all- I GET TO SQUISH MAGGIE!!!!   WAHHOOOO!!!  


Immeasurably More Mama said...

I absolutely LOVE his swim shorts and hat! Getting ready for a birthday party is one of my favorite things to do...especially when it's for one of my children. :) Have fun!

Faith said...

He is too cute for words in that adorable hat and suit!