Wednesday, June 1, 2011

10 Months Old!

         You are 10 months old!  I can hardly believe that in in 2 months you will be a year old.  Telling you to slow down is NOT working.  So I suppose I better just embrace the fact that you will be 15 soon.  This month you have been wild!  You can crawl so very fast and do a million laps around the living room everyday.  You are a MESS!

This month you attended your first graduation and lost a pet.

You have a wonderful imagination which Mommy is so thankful for.  You can sit for an hour playing and talking to yourself.  It is adorable.

You can clap!  I will say "YAY!" and you start clapping.

You love to eat!  You will even do a little dance while you do.  I sing the "Yummy To My Tummy" song and you just dance away.

You have kinda learned what it means to give kisses.  One out of 10 times you will actually do it, the rest of the time you just head butt me!

You think it is so fun to ride on your Daddy's shoulders around the house.

Your theme song should be "Don't Bite Your Friends" from Yo Gabba Gabba.  You bite everyone..including the dog.  I walked in the living room the other day and caught you chewing one the dog's food!  WHAT IN THE WORLD!??!!

You want to feed yourself and will refuse to eat unless we give you the spoon.  Of course your motor skills are not ready for this and the food ends up everywhere!

Here is what you have been up too!
  • You wear a size 4 diaper
  • You wear 12 month clothes
  • You have 2 teeth
  • You wear a size 5 shoe (cute chubby feet!)
  • You are a great eater 
  • You say a lot of things but mostly just jibberish.  We can pick out Mama and Dada (still your favorite word)  In fact- the cutest thing in the world is when you say "tickum"  I think you are trying to say tickle...but I'm not sure.  
The pictures that follow are my attempts at your 10 month pictures.  It took 3 tantrums and 4 days to get one!


I took away a hanger you were chewing on                                                                                           

This picture is so pitiful!

2 seconds later....all better

I had to finally bribe him with puffs! 

You are growing up before my eyes.  I love the little person you are becoming, it makes me proud to be your Mom.  Lots of preparations are going on for your big birthday bash little boy!  I can't wait!! 



Immeasurably More Mama said...

10 months old! You will be planning his first birthday before long!

Kristen said...

Love his 2 little teeth! And the pouty pics are so pitiful, but SO sweet, too! Couldn't help but smile at that pout!