Monday, July 26, 2010

Nursery Tour

We finally finished Gray's room yesterday.  Oopps.  I just could not commit to putting things on the walls..but with a little urging of a few people (Rebecca and Kelly) we got it done.  I love it how it turned out.  It is fun and young but not too baby-ish.  That was the important thing for me.  Little boys are cute and sweet until they can walk.  Then it is dirt, dump trucks and dinosaurs, so I wanted to give him something he could grow with (not out of).   So with out further ado, Grayson's Room!

 I love how his name turned out above his bed! 
It is a vinyl wall piece and my good friend created it. 
Thanks Bec! 

 His crib and bedding again

I can not wait to get this baby home so I can rock him and read him stories

Here are some prints I made.  
I really like how they turned out and it made decorating more cost effective. 
(Have you priced children's wall art recently...YIKES!)

 The hutch...I love all of his little things.
My stylist made the pail with his name on it.  Thanks Kelly!
(remember her name-I have a fabulous story about her coming soon)

The armoire

The top of the armoire.  The black frame has his first ultra sound picture in it 
and the orange frame is waiting on him to wear his UT outfit. 
I made the ABC canvas as well. 

The side table..I think I am going to get a taller lamp.

The monogram on his lamp is another vinyl piece from Rebecca.
The cow is VERY is from his birth mother.
 (We both have a LOVE of cows)

More canvases with a Dr. Seuss quote
"Today you are You,
that is truer than true. 
No one alive is youer than You"

There are a few other little things I will be working on.  My husband is going crazy for something UT in his room.  I am on the look out for something that matches the style of the room.  Luckily-we added orange touches every where so it will fit haha.  I am also working on the brown space behind his changing pad.  It is a cork board, which will be great when he is older.  For now I have no idea what to do with it.  I though about tacking up some scrapbook paper but not sure what would look good with his VERY busy changing pad cover.  I am open to suggestions!  

I am tickled pink about this little guy and counting down the hours-that's right hours!-until I get to meet him.  What a blessing this process has been and I do not take any of it for granted.  I know people on adoption waiting list who have been there for YEARS.  Our journey seems pretty short compared to that.  Keep checking back in.  I am finishing up his story to be published wednesday and I will have pictures the second he comes out.  Please say a prayer for the surgery to go ok.  We have to be there at 10am and the delivery will be around noon.  The birth mother is scared to pieces of needles (as am I) and I know it will be a very emotional day for her.  Pray that she is comforted quickly and her recovery is brief.  Well I am off to finish the one million things on my never ending to do list! 
See you tomorrow!!! 


Stephanie said...

The nursery is beautiful. You are soooo talented and I know Grayson will love it!

I'm praying for everyone involved tomorrow and can't wait to see some pictures.

Jessie said...

Fabulous job!!! Everything looks so good. I will be praying for a smooth delivery. I have been following you for a little while. Thanks for sharing your story it is such an encouragement!!! :0)

Faith said...

Love, love, love his room!!! I especially love all the art and decor you did yourself. It's all so cute!

So excited for your sweet family today. Praying for you all and anxiously awaiting updates!!

Immeasurably More Mama said...

His room is beautiful. I love how you made most of the artwork...such a personal touch. That Dr. Seuss quote is just precious. Thinking of you and praying!

Membership Required said...

It's just beautiful! For the cork board...I'd put pictures so as you are changing him you can tell him about the people. Or do a letter a week with items that start with that letter. Babies learn from what you tell them. They love to hear your voice. So smart they are!!