Monday, April 6, 2009

New addiction

As we all know I have been adjusting to the move from the big city to the country. ok ok...I know, I really am trying. Well all was going well until I was introduced to the Starbucks Iced Chai Tea. I love them....I crave them and there is not a Starbucks within 20 miles. I think that because it is so far away it makes me want one even more. Oh my could I move to a place that is not even civilized enough to have a Starbucks?!? That totally should have been a deal breaker.


Stephanie said...

OK - so here's what you do about your addiction...OPEN A STARBUCKS! Do you know how popular you would be!?!?!

Amber Schmidt said...

I feel for you. I cannot imagine. I have 3 starbucks within walking distance... I might crawl into a hole if I had to drive to another city for one!

elteescat said...

Maybe you could learn to make them if you can figure out what's in them! Take a weekend trip to your nearest Starbucks and ask an employee REALLY NICELY to tell you what's in them! Maybe you could also surf the web for a pirate cookbook with the info!!!! And don't forget that Speedway has some rockin' good coffee for half the Starbucks price!! They have flavored cream in several different flavors! You might find that you'll never miss Starbucks after you do Speedway's for a while. You can also go online to the Gevalia website. They have excellent coffee. Cookbooks also have great beverage sections so shop around. Best of luck!!