Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Rain Rain Go Away!

This past Friday Greeneville played Mercer County (a team from Kentucky) and it was such a gross game! It rained and rained and rained...and rained some more. They actually delayed the game by and hour it was raining so much. We played really well and beat the other team! Needless to say-halftime was not to it's full potential! The quarter before the majorettes performed we were taking things out that the weather would not permit them to do. The whole band got to leave after halftime since everyone was drenched!
That leads me to Saturday...
Saturday I traveled with the band to Chilhowee VA for a band competition. The day started out very early with the band leaving at 7AM! Once we arrived the band marched in a parade with the other bands of the competition. The majorettes did wonderful and had a great time as well. The weather was nice at this point. I thought that maybe the rain had passed through. I could not have been further from the truth! The band had a break and so we traveled to Bristol to visit a mall for lunch. After lunch the weather was still cloudy but not raining. Once the band got back to the competition site the sky opened up and it did not stop raining until Sunday! The girls did a great job. I was very proud of how they handled doing the show in the rain. The band did a great job as well and won a lot of awards. There was not a majorette category in this competition so the majorettes were not judged. We were all VERY wet and VERY tired and glad to go home. Since it was raining both Friday and Saturday I did not take any pictures.

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