Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Pumpkin Patch 2012

Hello friends!  I hope you are having a wonderful holiday season!  I decided to take a little break from a few things and my poor blog was on that list.  I needed some time to just check out of social media for a while.   I am going to try to get caught up from October...we will see how that goes!  I wish I had some life changing news or wonderful insight on life.  But the truth is I am still a trying to stay above the water.  Some days are better than others.  I tend to stay busy in order not to think or feel.  My goal each day is to thank the Lord for the life that I have been given.

So to start the catch up here is a post I started in October and never finished....

One night last week, after dinner, Artie and I decided to take Grayson to the pumpkin patch.   This week/weekend is a little crazy and there would not be any time before Halloween!  So a last minute trip it is.

He was in such a good mood!  I think having a full belly helped plus he gets SUPER silly at night.  Win win.

Waiting on the pumpkin train

Not so sure about the ride....

Oh this IS fun! 

Gray likes to look at animals from afar haha

Now the good stuff! 

 He wanted to sit on all the pumpkins! 

I must sit on that one too Mom

The pumpkin patch had a wooden train play set and Gray was SMITTEN! 

And just to let the tears flow....

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