Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Cute boy

I think I need a light hearted post to follow the last one I wrote.

Can I just tell you how cute my baby is?  He really is THE MOST adorable child.   These are all pictures from my phone but I love them none the less.  

Right before nap, I rock Gray in his room and he gets SO giggly! 
Probably not the best thing to do before nap but I love those sweet belly laughs! 

Grayson loves ALL things pirates these day! 
He goes around saying "Yo Ho Ho"

I try to take a picture every time we leave the house-
this helps me have daily pictures of him.
PLUS! If the unimaginable were to happen and Gray would go missing-
I would have a current photo and know what he was wearing.  

 Oh sweet face.  Never leave me! 

Cooking dinner with Mom...I have no idea where he learned to lick the beaters? ;) 

Oh just goodness!  
He put those sunglasses on and his hands on his hips. 

Uh Oh!  His face here makes me so sad! 

The people next door are doing some construction and
 there are BIG TRUCKS every where.  It is a toddler's dream! 

Grayson "mowin" (as he says)

Have a great week!