Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter 2012

How many posts were titled that in your reader today? ;)

                         Here is our Easter in pictures....poor Artie had to work.

Grayson's Easter basket

The ever elusive photo of Mommy and Gray

Gray ate at the big boy table!  He was so proud haha! 

Thank you Mimi and Pop Pop for my lawn mower! 

He mowed their lawn and the neighbors yesterday! 

And here is an obnoxious amount of pictures of Grayson. 
Only because he is the most adorable baby ever! 

And just for fun- 

                                              Easter 2011                                    Easter 2012

                                              Easter 2011                                 Easter 2012              

Hallelujah!  HE is risen!  Christ is risen indeed! Hallelujah! 


Jennifer said...

That is one handsome boy!! Seriously, he is so adorable! The bowtie was precious! :)
You look so pretty in that blue dress!
So glad you had a great Easter!

Audra said...

Gray looks so cute and you look wonderful too! Love you, friend!

Faith said...

What a handsome baby! And, his momma sure does look pretty in that blue dress. Love it!!

Kristen said...

That bowtie is adorable! And you were rockin' that blue dress! Gorgeous!