Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

Today was Gray's first Valentine's Day!  We had a wonderful day at home resting.  Artie has to work over nights the next few days, so he was asleep most of the day.  He is so wonderful and surprised me with flowers and candy! I was really surprised because I told him not to do anything like that!

I decked out my mantle for the holiday.  With all these sweet boys in the house, I need a little pink somewhere!

We are now on tooth watch 2011 around our house!  One has poked through the surface and we are waiting on it to get bigger.  He will not let you look in his mouth at photographing it is IMPOSSIBLE!!   I did manage to get this though and if you squint, you can see it! You have to look for the sliver of white on his gum.

True story- I can not find our fingernail clippers!  You know how some people lose socks?  Well we lose fingernail clippers.  I tried to use Grayson's last night but they do not work very well.  If I do not find them soon, I will have to buy bigger shoes!

Another true story- I am totally loving The Shark Steam Mop that Artie bought for me!  (I asked for it before anyone gets upset)  We have 3 dogs coming in and out of the house all day-everyday.  It is awesome because you do not have to use chemical cleaners which is great for Gray and great for the dogs!  (Audra- you totally need one Miss Go Green herself)  It is quick and gets up everything.

Will you say a prayer for our adoption lawyer?  His wife was diagnosed with a Stage 4 tumor in her brain. She is going downhill quickly and he is devastated.   We are praying for a miracle.

I hope you had a wonderful Valentine's Day!


RELH said...

He is getting so big. That tooth will be popping up big in no time. I think Baby C is working on a couple more now.

So sorry about your lawyer's wife. Such terrible news.

Audra said...

Believe me, a Shark mop has been on my list since I heard about them months ago! I can't buy anything with a plug though so no mop for me.

Yay teeth!

Faith said...

Such a cute little valentine!!

Alicia said...

Oh my goodness Heather, Noah is getting that same tooth!! :) I know they are a week apart but it really kills me how much they sound alike!

1 Funky Woman said...

Your little guy is precious. I love the tooth pic!

I'm so sorry for yur Lawyer's wife. How sad for them. I will say prayers immediately!