Monday, November 22, 2010


Time goes by so quickly these days.  I look up and a week has gone by.

Well our football team won again!  We played Gibbs out of Knoxville and beat them 42-3...every game we have played this year (except the first one) has had the mercy rule called.  That means that if you are 35 points ahead of the other team, the clock does not stop.  It makes for very quick football game!  The majorettes were so excited because the other band came and they have 5 majorettes as well.  Of course they are super cute!

It is hard to believe Thanksgiving is this week!  Artie and I are headed to the beach for a long weekend and I am thrilled.  We have decided to drive through the night so Grayson will sleep and not need to stop.  I hope it works!  Since we will not be with my family for the holiday we celebrated on Saturday.  Artie fixed ham, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, and dressing.  I made The Pioneer Woman's Creamy Pumpkin Pie.  Oh my- we ate like little piggies!  Everything was so very delicious!

Before our Thanksgiving meal I took some photos of a little boy for his birthday invitation.  His name is also Grayson!  He is a very sweet.  Grayson loved the camera and he was not shy about doing silly things!  Here is the picture for the invitation..his birthday is in December and will be a snowman birthday party.

Here are some sweet pictures of my Grayson!  I am so excited about his first holiday season.  He loves music so everyday I turn on Christmas music and dance around him.  He just smiles and giggles!  I love his little is so very sweet.

I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday.  And if you are one of the crazies who gets up to hit all the sales on Friday -I will pray for you while I am warm and snuggly in my bed.


Faith said...

I've been wondering about you! I am loving the pictures that you took - so awesome!!! That frame is adorable. How is it hanging? Hope y'all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!

RELH said...

Wow, all of the pictures are wonderful! Congrats on a successful season of football! Even though we are both thinking about our great times in Orlando, I am sure that your beach trip will be amazing also. We have a ton to be thankful for this week!

I am one of those crazies! lol, I am not sure what I am looking for, but I love to people watch!

kimert said...

Congrats on a great football season! I had no idea you were SO close! My hubby coaches at Alcoa and it seems we have had a similar season. Here's to another week!
Love the pics!